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Product Overview

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ESC Series supports both solar (DC) and grid (AC) inputs. It is also optimized for all requirements, as follows.

Solar mode
The Solar Mode (industrial site, housing, ships, and fishing chairs) can be used in the wild or industrial sites where the power is not supplied or AC is not required. It uses power from a rechargeable battery to AC by converting it, and can store and use solar energy at the same time.

AC mode
The Grid (AC) Mode (hospitals, banks, businesses, etc.) is for blackouts or disasters. In general, power is supplied through the product, but electric power is stored through the rechargeable battery to enable usage in case of a blackout.

Solar (DC) + Grid (AC) mode

The Solar (DC) + Grid (AC) modes (applicable to industrial sites, housing, ships, fishing sites, hospitals, banks, etc.) can store and use electric energy through solar power for private power generation and energy cost-saving. Meanwhile, the grid power can be used as an auxiliary power at night or during the rainy season when no solar energy is generated. The stored power can be used in case of a blackout or an emergency.