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Introduction Of Item

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MED-1600 is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit used to maintain the communication system through continuous power supply in case a blackout or a disaster occurs.

﹒Grid power (AC) can be used to charge the battery and supply power.

﹒The built-in battery can be used to supply power to the communication system in case of a blackout or a disaster including   
    earthquake and fire.

﹒Emergency notification message to managers in case an emergency occurs .

Front Side

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Input power AC Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Output power AC Voltage 90V
Mazimum current 3A
Average Continuous current 2.5A
Connector Universal type
Backup time 240 min
Frequency 50Hz
DC Voltage 12V
Maximum current 2A
Average Continuous current 1.5A
Connector Circular 5.5 / Cigar jack
Backup time 240 min
Battery System Lithium battery with BMS
Backup time(Minimum) 240 min
Minimum Capacity 1.3kWh
Voltage 24V(7Seres, 60Ah, LFP)
Other System Smoke sensor

How to use the Switch

Step 1 → The switch is located inside the product.

Step 2 → The door can be opened as below.

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Step 3 → The switch operates in the following order from the right side: Battery -> Control -> Input.

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※ Turn on the AC Input switch after the control touch-panel screen is switched on.

How to use the Control Panel Touch Display

Step 1 → Turn on the control switch to operate the Touchcable Control Panel Display in front.

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Step 2 → Turn on the input switch to light the first lamp (INPUT).  

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Step 3 → To use the output, connect a device to the universal jack at the back of the system. Then, touch the output check box of the control panel, where the second lamp will be switched on.
To disconnect the output, touch the check box again to turn off the second lamp and switch to disabled mode.

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How to read the Control Panel Touch Display

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1. Bat. Vol : Battery Voltage indicates the voltage of the battery.

2. Inv. Vol : Inverter Voltage indicates the AC voltage output in the output mode.

3. Inv. Cur : Inverter Current indicates the AC current output in the output mode.

4. DC Vol : DC Voltage indicates the DC voltage output in the output mode.

5. DC Cur : DC Current indicates the DC current output in the output mode.

6. Smoke detect : When the smoke sensor operates, the Alarm Lamp will be switched on with the buzzer sound while the check box of the smoke detect section of the display is blinking.

7. Battery low : If the battery voltage is below a certain level, the alarm lamp and battery low check box will blink with the buzzer sound. To protect the battery, the output will be disconnected, even if the OUTPUT check box is checked. It will be reconnected when the AC input is supplied to charge the battery.

8. Main, Config, Maint., Log button : It will be enabled when a new function is added.

How to use the Backwards

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1. Ethernet port: Reserved.

2. Buzzer: System problem will cause the alarm lamp in the front to blink and make a buzzing sound.

3. RS-232/485: Reserved.

4. AC input: Connect the grid power (230 V 50 Hz) to enable the system.

5. DC 12V: If required, a DC 12 V output terminal can be used to supply power to a device.

6. DC 12V cigar jack: If required, a DC 12 V cigar jack can be used to supply power to a device.

7. AC Output: It is used to supply power to devices. In case of a blackout, the power can be supplied to devices during backup (the battery must be fully charged at this time).


- Do not apply more than 2 A current to the DC 12 V output terminal.

- Do not apply more than 3 A current to the AC 90 V output terminal.

- Avoid long-term exposure to humidity and rain.

- Avoid direct sunlight and use it under the shade with good ventilation.

- Place the product on a flat surface to use it.

- Avoid excessive charging and discharging because it will reduce the battery’s service life.

- To maintain the battery’s service life, turn it off for long-term storage.

- The product will be naturally discharged even if it is not in use so charge it at least once a year.