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Introduction Of Item

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It converts the power from a vehicle to good AC power and supplies it to electric/electronic devices.
It controls momentarily unstable voltage and noise while ensuring smooth current flow in the car.
It stores the power and uses it for compensation where there is an overload.

﹒100% in-house fabrication of super capacitor
﹒25% lower resistance than competitors and large capacity (120F)

Super capacitor vs. Rechargeable battery

The super capacitor has higher output than batteries and higher efficiency than competitors. Also, it is an eco-friendly energy storage device that does not contain any toxic substance. It does not require any maintenance and can work for over 10 years (semipermanent service life).

Start and acceleration section, charge section

ELIM EDS improves the initial current load to a car battery by 15% or more in the starting and acceleration sections, and 40% or more in the charging section for two times or longer battery service life and higher output for improved starting characteristic.

Driving section

ELIM ESD optimizes the performance of in-car electric devices by improving the current car battery load by 55% or more, reducing the current noise, and stabilizing the voltage (improved audio quality and gear change shock).

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It reduces damage to the device and improves fuel efficiency by supplying in-car electric and electronic devices with good DC to control momentary power instability and noise, as well as to ensure smooth current flow.