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Company History

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﹒Received approval for and registered products to 20 affiliate organizations of the United Nations (UN)

﹒Prototype rechargeable battery fabrication manpower and technology development program (support for prototype fabrication)

﹒ISO 9001 and 14001

﹒Certified by CE (ESC-2000, ESC-3000, ESC-5000)

﹒Certificate of Venture Business

﹒Selected as Economic Mission for Korea-India-Singapore - Signed a $2.9 million contract with India

﹒Visit by the Secretary of Development for Republic of the Congo - Convention on the work of the 1 million Houses Electric supply Business Agreement


﹒Developed and exported products to OOM in India

﹒Developed products for Indonesia

﹒Developed and exported products to Asianess in the Philippines

﹒Developed and exported products to S&P Global in Japan

﹒Supply contract of 80,000 pcs/year to Indonesia


﹒Established an affiliated research center

﹒Built a factory

﹒Concluded an MOU with OOM in India for product supply (USD 18.9 million/year)

﹒Product supply agreement to Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia

﹒Agreed technical specifications with OOM in India and Asianess in the Philippines

﹒Selected as a beneficiary of the Technology Development Fund by the Small and Medium Business Administration
(SMBA) (KRW 130 million)

﹒Selected as a participant for the Overseas Buyer Invitation Program by Chungnam Provincial Government

﹒Joined the Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

﹒Received support for an internal lawyer from Chungnam Provincial Government

﹒Delivered to GM KOREA (research center in the headquarters)

﹒Delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office

﹒Selected as a beneficiary of the Design Development Program by Chungnam Chamber of Commerce

﹒Selected for the 2015 Overseas Marketing Support for New Exporters program by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

﹒Certificate as original exporter by item

﹒Selected for the Overseas Branch Development Program by KOTRA

﹒Established a branch office in New Delhi, India

﹒Established a branch office in Sao Paulo, Brazil

﹒Established BME Co., Ltd.