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Blue Mountain Energy

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1. Eco-friendly green energy business that joins the trend
2. Ceaseless study for energy-based generation and charging systems
3. We recognize the value of renewable energy. Moreover, we develop and manufacture future-oriented and customized
individual power supplies.

Delivery record and performance

In Korea
Delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office

Passes measurement solution tests and delivered to the headquarters of GM KOREA

Proposed and designed uninterruptible power supply technology for 200 subway cars to Seoul Metro

Proposed and delivered the backup power generator technology to Korean fishing boats

Delivered to several university laboratories

Concluded contracts with and exported to India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and Ghana

Had business meetings with Brazil, Sri Lanka, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Uzbekistan

Government support

Selected as a beneficiary of the Technology Development Fund by the Small and Medium Business Administration
(SMBA) (KRW 130 million)

Selected as a participant for the Overseas Buyer Invitation Program by Chungnam Provincial Government

Support with dedicated trade support staff from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

Applied for home page, certification, and participation in the exhibition to Business Incubator

Received support for an internal lawyer and overseas branch operation from Chungnam Provincial Government

Selected as a beneficiary of the Design Development Program by the Chungnam Chamber of Commerce

Selected for the Overseas Marketing Support for New Exporters program by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

Support for venture business by Small and Medium Business Corporation